Why We Cannot Defeat the Enemy
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Why We Cannot Defeat the Enemy

By Eileen F. Toplansky


On August 3, 2016 I was invited to speak on Sean Hannity Radio (Hour 3) concerning my American Thinker piece about Khizr Khan.  The other guest speaker was Richard T. Higgins, who is an outspoken critic about the "faulty strategic assessment that is the basis for current U.S. security" since it is ably enabling our enemies.


Higgins has worked with Steve Coughlin, author of Catastrophic FailureBlindfolding America in the Face of Jihad, and Dr. Sebastian Gorka who is "an internationally recognized authority on issues of national security, irregular warfare, terrorism and democratization and has testified before Congress [.]"


These men have devoted their lives to alerting the American public to the true dangers of Islam.  During the Hannity interview, I explained how Khizr Khan was really symptomatic of a much larger issue -- that of hijrah or the deliberate immigration of Muslims to the land of the infidel in order to establish a global caliphate.


As a result of this encounter, Higgins was kind enough to send me his 2010 masters thesis entitled "No Common War" which clearly states that the West's reliance on technology and science, without taking into consideration the impact of religious zeal, has created a strategic security situation that is being exploited by the Islamic Movement; in other words, the West's dependence on technology is making us blind to the other non-violent forces of Islam which permeate our society making us ripe for eventual dhimmitude or second-class status in an Islamic society. 


In fact, "billions of taxpayer dollars are spent on the development and acquisition of technical solutions to problems, often despite their non-technical nature."  Higgins  explains that ". . .  while many Muslims may eschew violence, this does not imply that the political threat is neutralized."   Political warfare from the Islamist perspective concentrates on "collapsing the enemy's belief system" and it is accomplished in a variety of ways. Until we, as a nation, understand that Islam has developed a myriad of front organizations and has infiltrated our media outlets, as well as our scouting, professional social, and military organizations, we cannot properly defeat them. 


As a nation, our security framework does not take the religiously inspired terrorism and its attendant features seriously, believing that the defeat of groups such as ISIS only requires strong military intervention while ignoring the enemy's true nature, strategy and organization.  Higgins emphasizes that the U.S. needs a new security strategy concept that must account for "religion, non-violent warfare, and the digital operating environment."  Without comprehending the "theological drivers" of the ongoing Islamic war, the West will be hamstrung in its attempts to overcome this enemy.


The Islamic Movement has developed a deceptive narrative of Islam among non-Muslims as a direct result of digital communication and mass media. They accomplish this through the doctrines of Taqqiya and Slander.  The definition of "slander under shariah or Islamic law is very different than in the U.S. legal system.  Thus, as Claire Lopez explains, "[t]heprohibition on telling harbi (non-Muslim residents of Dar al-Harb, the lands where inhabitants do not live under shariah) anything negative about Islam is meant to keep infidels unaware of the true character and intentions of shariah-promoting Muslims. In fact, telling the actual truth about Islam to non-believers is considered so detrimental to the prospects for shariah Islam to achieve its global domination objectives that Muslims can be subject to punishment if they disclose such things."  It also "explains why smiling imams in Armani suits with nicely-trimmed beards can be heard speaking in soothing tones to gullible non-Muslims about how shariah is just like the U.S. Constitution, and shariah-adherent Muslims are just like any other citizens of liberal democracies, or Islam really means 'peace' - while in Arabic, to Muslim audiences, they don't hesitate to talk about jihad, suicide bombing, and killing Jews. This is the legally-sanctioned code of silence that is imposed and enforced within Islam and goes hand-in-hand with the Islamic concept of taqiyya (which means deceit or dissimulation)."


In fact, "[i]t is not only forbidden for Muslims to tell anything unflattering about Islam and other Muslims, but it is also obligatory for Muslims to try to get non-Muslims (infidels) to refrain from saying anything about Islam that would deter potential converts or alert others to shariah Islam's predatory intentions." Hence, Taqiyya and lying are integral tools for shariah-adherent Muslims to use in dealing with non-believers who do not understand such things.  As a result, members of the clergy, police officers, and government officials who are won over, unwittingly help spread duplicitous messages about shariah Islam inside the non-Muslim society.


So much so, that the West, relying on the concept of freedom of religion is actually creating "self-imposed blinders for U.S. security strategists."  For example, the fraudulent term Islamophobia now dominates the culture.  Yet this term was created to "leverage the term 'phobia' . . . and employ political correctness to silence critics of Islam." Ultimately it is "intended to frighten sheepish Western politicians." Hence, we find Andrew Cuomo making the breathtakingly ignorant remark that "shariah is not mainstream Muslim thought" when, in fact, "shariah forms the nucleus of Islam itself."  


As Higgins points out "weapons are powerless against the 'peaceful' methods of war.  Guerilla tactics, white and black propaganda, subversion, social and economic manipulation, diplomatic pressure . . . -- all of these are immune [.]"  In fact, the key players of the jihadist movement, the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) have managed "to create a counter-factual understanding of Islam by prohibiting criticism of Islam and flattering the West into enforcement of the Islamic Law of Slander upon itself."  It is truly an amazing feat.  The West refuses to acknowledge that there can be no assimilation of a Muslim population into American society since "Islam transcends their loyalty to the United States."


Consequently, to truly destroy the Islamic threat, the West must irrevocably understand the core Islamic legal and  political doctrines which are intended to bring down the West.  The U.S. security strategists still know almost nothing about Islam and what they do know are "lies propagated by the enemy to create a counter-factual understanding of Islam."

Islam "is a threat to the United States because it is not simply a religion; it is a complete way of life that includes an alternative political system harboring values contrary to the immutable principles upon which the U.S. was founded." 


As Rebecca Bynum has explained ". . . when we discuss political Islam or shariah law alone, we imply that there is a religious Islam that is perfectly fine, that we don't have to worry about. And we leave the major problems of Islamization - Muslim immigration, mosque building, the proselytizing in our prisons and military and the infiltration of our governmental institutions completely untouched and indeed untouchable."  But . . .  Islam ". . . is not a religion only. Islam is a total system of life and contains within itself a particular social system, judicial system, and political system which includes geo-political aspirations [.]"


Bynum emphasizes that Islam "is much too different from other religions to remain in the religion category" and "should be uniquely classified in its own category" since "the morality of Islam is inverted." It is abundantly clear that Islam is Christianity's polar opposite.  By way of example, Bynum describes the reaction of a father upon hearing about his daughter's failed suicide bombing.

"'If I had known what [my daughter] was planning I would have told the Jews. I would have stopped her."

"In our religion it is forbidden for a girl's body to be uncovered even at home. How could a girl allow her body to be smashed to pieces and then collected up by Jews? This is absolutely forbidden."

We see this perverse mentality played out when Israeli soldiers are accused of racism because they will not rape Palestinian women! Then, too, we are expected to accept the idea that honor killing is perfectly acceptable when a woman who is raped is then murdered by her own family members. This is a concept that is at direct odds with a Western frame of mind which cannot quite fathom that "Islam . . . subordinates everything to itself" since Islam exists simply to perpetuate itself."  For the Muslim, there is no higher good that Islam seeks except that it dominate the world. 


From a Christian or Jewish viewpoint, charity is meant to be universal -- to assist others. Consider, however, that the Islamic tradition of charity is solely for the benefit of fellow Muslims.  Yet global banking has now been permeated with shariah financing and money must be "donated to Islamic charities -- including some that promote Jihad and support suicide bombing."


Higgins explains that "Muslims do not consider non-Muslims to be the equal of Muslims, do not consider women equal to men, and do not respect the right to life for those who deny their prophet." There are simply no individual human rights within Islam.  Yet, the West repeatedly denies that these basic Islamic ideas are harmful and U.S. security strategists remain focused only on the violent tactical manifestations of Islam.  As a result, "unable to know the enemy, the U.S. cannot assess his strategy, organizational structure, allies, means, or popular support."  We have an "enemy [who is] sophisticated, patient, disciplined [and] . . . its hostility toward us and our values is limitless."


In order to counter Islam, one must accept the irreconcilable differences between Islamic shariah law and the United States Constitution.  But we have failed to accept this and instead, under the heading of tolerance and mutual respect, we have sharia courts operating in the United States.  In the United Kingdom there are currently 85 Islamic courts.


How does Islam work to insinuate itself into all aspects of Western society? One need only consider the following.  The Muslim Brotherhood continues to prepare the world so that "public opinion [will eventually] tolerate the emergence of Muslim power [.]"  There can be no discussion, no rendering Islam from politics as they are inseparable.  For Islam to succeed, there has to be a "continuous process of warfare, psychological and political if not strictly military." 


Towards that end, The Muslim Brotherhood now has its own political party in the U.S. and it would be naive to presume they want anything other than  "institutionalizing policies favorable to Islamists -- that is, shariah law."


Psychological warfare plays out in the West in a myriad of ways.  At colleges the Muslim Students Associations (an offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood) promote Black History Month giving unsuspecting students a platform to express themselves through Islam. 

 A Muslim flight attendant sues the airlines because she was suspended when she refused to serve alcohol to passengers. 


Schools now teach One Nation Under Allah.  In Canada they have declared "Islamic History Month" -- and the Ottawa police force has a banner strung up across their headquarters, declaring their partnership with Islamic groups." Moreover, they now have government subsidized Muslim apartheid housing in Canada.


In 2011 "the Qatar Foundation International partnered with the Department of State and the U.S. Department of Education to develop the Connect All Schools" project .  It is a way to infiltrate the schools to develop teaching materials, one of which stated "Islam does not conquer.  Islam wants all countries to become Muslim, of themselves"  and "it is the nature of Islam to dominate, not to be dominated, to impose its laws on all nations and to extend its power to the entire planet." In Britain "schools are dropping lessons on the Holocaust and the Crusades, seeking to avoid antagonizing Muslim students."


 Robert Spencer speaks about stealth jihad in Australia in the form of


  • A 'Muslim only' approach to activities, such as insisting on 'women only' swimming times.

  • Organisations or councils boycotting Israel while ignoring crimes committed in Islamic states.

  • Appointments of Muslim outreach officers in secular organisations.

  • Lack of protest in the face of halalisation of Australian food.

The media legitimizes sharia as in the case of the Wall Street Journal sponsoring a conference in the UAE on "Islamic and Ethical Finance."  In 2015 The Huffington Post launched an Arabic edition headed by Muslim Brotherhood partners.  Moreover, the media creates fawning press reports about Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal who is pledging his $32 billion fortune to charity.  But this so-called philanthropy will "promote the kingdom's brand of Islam, while censoring criticism of Islam."


The tiptoeing around the building of mosques is yet another way that the West allows itself to be manipulated since "nearly all of the mosques in the United States are nothing short of terrorist training facilities." 


Polls of U.S. Muslims reveal ominous levels of support for the Islamic doctrine of shariah and jihad.  According to the Mufti M. Taqi Usmani who has written Islam and Modernism, ". . .  Jehad [sic] against the enemies of Islam is obligatory on Muslims. . . and the domination of Islam is established over all other religions."


In Europe, shariah-compliant fashion now goes mainstream with the marketing of the burkini, allegedly designed to protect the modesty of women. 


A high school in Tempe, Arizona is forcing all of their female students to wear hijabs - traditional Muslim headwear for women - for one full month in order to teach tolerance.

Muslim students at Islamic schools in America are "taught that the Caliphate is the only legitimate form of Government."  The Turkish Gulen movement operates more than 85 schools in the U.S. and it includes a "reverence for the core tenets of Islamic Law."


Giulio Meotti asks "how much of our culture are we surrendering to Islam" when a German judge banned a comedian from repeating verses about Turkish President Erdogan and a Danish theater canceled "The Satanic Verses" due to fear of reprisals, and 89 people were murdered in Paris because of alleged "Islamophobic comments by a lead singer of the U.S. band performing at the Bataclan theater.  One of the "aims of terrorists is to alter the way of life of the country in which they live and kill: to sow fear, mistrust, and timidity." Hence, in Lille, France the annual flea market dating from the 12th century has just been cancelled because of security concerns.


In many major cities in America, dozens of billboards proclaiming that "Muhammad always taught Love Not Hate" never publicize the extremism and violent jihad that is integral to Islam.


How about when people are punished for the slightest hint of celebrating Valentine's Day? Thus, selling roses and anything that is red as in greeting cards or heart-shaped products, will incur the wrath of shariah justice.  Then there are the young people  whippedbecause they wanted to date each other.


In Ireland, hate laws were used to silence Pastor James McConnell who "simply expressed his views [about Islam].


Fast food chains are now accommodating both shariah finance principles and halal food so that pork and ham will no longer be included in Subway menus in Great Britain after Muslim customers demanded the changes.


Each time the West considers Islam as a religion to be protected, Islam is victorious.   Islam is a political movement set to conquer the world.  So instead of exposing this, the military now mandates the islamization of its own forces in order to respect differences.  For example, in 2005, Lieutenant General John R. Vines, was educating his staff in Islam by giving them a reading list that "whitewashes jihad, dhimmitude and sharia law with the works of Karen Armstrong and John Esposito"; two years later, . . . Lieutenant Colonel David Kilcullen, was unwilling to mention jihad."   And the latest information revealing that officials from the U.S. military's Central Command altered key data to downplay the threat of ISIS is "tantamount to being a treasonous act."


Then there is Hollywood which permits its cinematic imagination to be guided by CAIR so that there can never be a portrayal of Muslim terrorists. And thus, popular culture helps "stifle debate."  By "prohibiting questions, unpleasant answers are avoided as is acknowledgement of the need for change." 


There simply cannot be a marriage between Islamic law and Western civilization if the latter is to exist.  For then we have 750 Muslim-dominated no-go zones in France.  In Britain "Muslims Against the Crusaders have declared an Islamic Emirates Project in which they are seeking to enforce their brand of shariah in 12 British cities."  Shariah police patrols are now seen in Germany.


When hundreds of German women are raped by Muslim migrants, the victims are told to stay inside after dark, dye their hair dark, and not to dress provocatively.  Never publicized is the sexual abuse of boys and girls that is endemic in the Islamist culture.


As Higgins points out "Jihad works to coerce Islam's enemies to surrender their spiritual beliefs and values in order to avoid war."  As weslouch towards sharia, and cannot define and defend our own values, we easily cave to the demands of the Islamist.  In fact, the terrorist and guerilla wings such as Al Qaeda are strategic distractions since the Islamic Movement utilizes a broad range of means to execute its various campaigns by permeating the legal, theological, cultural, political, and other non-violent avenues in order to "confound U.S. security strategists."


Muslim Brotherhood operatives who have advised Obama are helping shape U.S. policy concerning Islam and "the American military is . . . inadequately prepared to deal with this type of enemy psychologically." American policy is now operating under the "mantra of multicultural tolerance" and ignoring the Islamist "non-violent subversive methods."


The Islamist is controlling the flow of information.  The "information-based deception of U.S. security strategists is highly effective as our current leaders remain without conceptual understanding of what is transpiring."   We do not identify the enemy.  We deny the connection to shariah and jihad. We offer excuses and "reinterpret" the jihadists'  behavior. We manipulate the language to downplay the jihadists' goals.  Divorcing U.S. strategy . . . from the enemy's oft-stated threat doctrines is simply "catastrophic." We can only win the war against Islam when we acknowledge it is a war of ideas and there must be unremitting exposure of the true tenets of sharia and jihad, if we are to prevail.

Eileen has been a medical librarian, an Emergency Medical Technician and a Hebrew School teacher.  She is currently an adjunct college instructor of English composition and literature.  Active in the 1970's Soviet Jewry Refusenik movement, she continues to speak out against tyranny.  Eileen is also a regular contributor to American Thinker. She can be reached at middlemarch18@gmail.com