In God We Trust

The 'What If' Minefield of the 2016 ELection


by Judi McLeod

Frustrating and vexing What If Theoriesdemonize not just my night dreams but poke worry jabs at me during my waking hours.

What if after more than seven long years there’s no chance for average people to step back on stable American soil because there’s no way to keep Democrats from holding control?

What if the man millions pin their hopes on bails out of the race at the 11th hour saying, “Give me back my ball, I’m going home”?

The What If Hillary Clinton becomes the 45th president of America theory is despairing enough to put America on suicide watch the day after election.

What If Donald J. Trump takes his ball and goes home at the July—Republican National Convention (RNC) to spend the rest of his days, not at the White House but in the Big Apple?

What If the millions who shouted, “Go Trump, Go!” disappear into their homes to never be seen again while Senator Marco Rubio or Governor John Kasich go down in Election Day flames?

What If friends trying to console you with “Never mind, you can still watch The Donald on Reality TV doesn’t cut it?

There’s just no end to the What Ifs in the ‘What If Torture Game’.

We’re hit with a steady barrage of What Ifs from the pundits, talking heads, celebrities and journalists of the day, and will continue to be most every day between now and Election.

How’s this for a journalist inspired bigWhat If?

The prolific Cliff Kincaid writes today that “veteran conservative” journalist Fred Barnes has written a disturbing Wall Street Journal article about how the campaign of Donald Trump, “sparked by talk radio”, is dividing and weakening the Republican Party—thus guaranteeing a Democratic Party win in November. 

“Barnes points out in the article, entitled, “Republicans Are Campaigning to Lose,” that a significant number of Republicans will not vote for Trump if he becomes the GOP presidential nominee.”

“The Republican rift will not be healed and disunity will reign,” Barnes predicts. “It’s highly likely that a sizable chunk of the Republican establishment will decline to back Mr. Trump in a repeat of 1964 when liberal and moderate Republicans refused to support Barry Goldwater.”

Well this is not 1964, and what if The Donald is not holding out for just the Republican vote?

“What’s fascinating about his piece is that Barnes discusses the forces in talk radio that opened the door for Trump to take control of the GOP presidential race. He writes, “The split between party leaders and a substantial number of party voters emerged after Republicans won the House in the 2010 midterm election, and swelled when they added the Senate in 2014. Their legislative gains were minimal. The Republican base, egged on by conservative talk radio, accused congressional leaders of knuckling under to President Obama.”

“Barnes is suggesting that their criticism paved the way for Trump’s success. Now they’re stuck with him. It may be too late to stop the businessman, who used to fund Democratic candidates for office, from getting the GOP nomination.”

It’s not what Barnes wrote that is the most “fascinating” but the words of an unnamed Conservative who wrote to Kincaid, disputing Barnes’ claim that talk radio had laid the groundwork for Trump’s success.  He said, “The problem wasn’t created by Trump or talk radio.  The problem was created by the GOP establishment along with Fox News who champion a party that is minimally different from the Democrats.”

How right you are, Mr. Unnamed Conservative!

“This observer complained that the campaign has avoided critical issues, such as the national debt. He said, “None of the debates even have touched on the mountains of debt that have been piled on since Bush II and accelerated under Obama—not a word! This is not touched upon since they all know the game is over—any reining in of the debt situation will result in a worldwide depression the likes of which have never been seen before. Financial markets and interest rates cannot self-adjust as they did in the past when you had an unlimited supply of money.” (AIM comments)

If only people recognized the truth when they heard it!

What if all polls indicating that Trump can’t defeat Hillary Clinton are wrong? (RealClearPolitics)

Nice, valedictorian-type deliveries in televised debates won’t stop the zombies who vote Clinton from going out to election polls.

Trump, who does not use valedictorian-type deliveries, is better at hurling insults than anyone else to date and is the only one who could out-bully Bully Hillary.

Meanwhile, it’s not the talk show radio hosts but celebrity talking heads and journalists revered as ‘Conservative” who are causing the most Republican splitting.

With the talk show radio hosts you can at least wait on hold to talk to them.  With the television’s talking heads and celebrities there’s no getting through to them.

Current example: What if someone wanted to pose this question to Glenn Beck: Are you helping Senator Ted Cruz or killing off his chances by your self-imposed, one-day fast?

Even if they could get through to Mr. tell him I have a question, he’d undoubtedly answer: Not today, I’m fasting!!

A good reason why the What Ifs always give us the willies.